Latin Pulse: 2.08.2013

Disappearances linked to the Drug War and human rights in Mexico are the focus this week on Latin Pulse.  The program includes an in-depth report that shows drug cartels are preying on undocumented workers headed to the United States and the Mexican government has not reacted in strong ways to these human rights issues.  The program also deals with corruption and the institutional links between law enforcement, the military, and the cartels in Mexico.  The news segment of the program deals rape and violence in Acapulco.

The program includes an in-depth interview with:

Robert Goldman of American University.

Other interviews include:

Maureen Meyer of the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA);
Nik Steinberg of Human Rights Watch; and
Sonja Wolf of INSYDE.

Executive Producer: Rick Rockwell
Associate Producer: Curt Devine.

(To download or stream this podcast, click here.)

 (The program is 30 minutes in length and the file size is 28 MB.)


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