Latin Pulse: 4.25.2014

Turmoil and violence in Mexico, both past and present provide the themes this week on Latin Pulse.  The program discusses the impact of Mexico's drug cartels on the agricultural sector, including the trade in limes and avocados. The program analyzes the impact of the Knights Templar cartel on the Mexican state of Michoacan and how the government is trying to fight the violence that cartel breeds. The program also includes a retrospective discussion of the Zapatista revolt, 20 years later.  The news segment of the program covers the changes in Brazil this week regarding regulation of the internet.

The program includes in-depth interviews with:

Steven Dudley of InSightCrime.org; and
Jorge Luis Sierra, Mexican journalist.

Executive Producer: Rick Rockwell;
Associate Producer: Megan Ekhaml; and

Writer: Elyssa Pachico.

(To download or stream this podcast, click here.)

 (The program is 30 minutes in length and the file size is 28 MB.)


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