Latin Pulse: 10.31.2014

This week, Latin Pulse studies the culture of indigenous religions as the program dives into the history of the Day of the Dead. The program takes a look at the impact of colonialism on this holiday, and how those changes impact Latin America today. However, the day continues to be a celebration of humanity's relationship with death and the environment. Then, in the second half of the show, the program analyzes Mayan spirituality and its central role in Mayan culture. The news segment of the program follows the evolving situation with a group of missing university students in Mexico.

The program includes in-depth interviews with:

Roberto Barrios of Southern Illinois University - Carbondale;
David Freidel of Washington University.

Executive Producer: Rick Rockwell; 
Producer: Jim Singer; and
Associate Producer: Gabriela Canchola.

(To download or stream this podcast, click here.)

 (The program is 30 minutes in length and the file size is 42 MB.)


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