Latin Pulse: 1.09.2015

Venezuela, its economy, and its structure as a petro-state are the central themes this week on Latin Pulse.  As Venezuela slips into recession and shortages of consumer goods become more acute, criticism of the government of President Nicolas Maduro is increasing.  The program looks at the patterns of how oil prices have often dictated the popularity of presidents and the shape of politics in Venezuela.  The news segment of the program covers the meeting this week between U.S. President Barack Obama and Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto and how protests broke out in the United States due to the visit.

The program includes in-depth interviews with:

Dan Hellinger of Webster University; and
Alejandro Velasco* of New York University.

Executive Producer: Rick Rockwell; 
Producer: Jim Singer; and
Production Assistant: Gabriela Canchola.

(To download or stream this podcast, click here.)

*Velasco is also the author of the forthcoming book: Barrio Rising.

 (The program is 30 minutes in length and the file size is 42 MB.)


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