Latin Pulse: 1.16.2015

During the first month of the new year, Latin Pulse focuses on the spiritual aspects of indigenous communities as a way of providing reflection on this time of change.  The program features the stories and analysis of experts on archaeology and anthropology to provide context on these deep topics.  The program looks at spiritual practice and history in Mexico and Guatemala.  The news segment of the program discusses the latest change in travel and trade regulations between the U.S. and Cuba, allowing travelers from the United States to travel to Cuba unfettered for the first time in many decades.

The program includes in-depth interviews with:

David Freidel of Washington University; and
Tim Knab of the Universidad de las Americas - Puebla.

Executive Producer: Rick Rockwell; 
Producer: Jim Singer; and
Production Assistant: Gabriela Canchola.

(To download or stream this podcast, click here.)

 (The program is 30 minutes in length and the file size is 42 MB.)


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